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10 detox drinks to boost you

  1. In the morning, a lemon juice

Its action on the secretion of bile acts in favor of the liver and more largely promotes digestion. Lemon contains soluble fiber, vitamin C, calcium and is an excellent antioxidant amazing grass review. And we know now, antioxidants are excellent for detox (and also rejuvenation).

Lemon has beneficial effects on blood sugar and fat dissolution.

How? Take a lemon juice every morning at sunrise, with a little warm water (or at room temperature, not cold to keep your intestines). And wait about 10 minutes before having breakfast.


  1. During the day, unsweetened lemongrass

To prolong the beneficial effects of your lemon juice, give your body a detox water cure with lemon. In other words, unsweetened lemonade. This will work your salivary glands without providing calories.

How? In a mason jar, mix water, untreated lemon slices (otherwise you’ll take in more pesticides than vitamins!), some mint leaves, and fresh ginger. Sip all day long. Be careful to stay reasonable on ice cubes that tend to slow down digestion.


  1. An apple-parsley smoothie

Parsley is an incredible source of vitamin C, so do not deprive us. And to absorb a generous amount, mix it with an interesting fruit for its fiber content, the apple.

How? Take organic apples to keep the skin, full of vitamins (and non-organic apples being the most polluted fruits pesticides), and mix with ten branches of parsley. You can also add a little cucumber or use spinach leaves instead of parsley.


  1. The inevitable green tea

Green tea appears as an excellent source of antioxidants, which help to fight against free radicals (the aggressors of our cells!) And thus contribute to preserve our youth capital.

No need to drink 2 liters of tea to benefit from these virtues, some cups will suffice.And then know that tea is very diuretic, so do not abuse it, and alternate with water.

But tea is a zero-calorie drink, so we do not miss it.

How to drink it? Contrary to what is believed, green tea still contains theine, so be sure to consume before 4 pm so as not to suffer its exciting effects. And to prepare a tea at the top, pour simmering and not boiling water.


  1. An herbal tea with ginger

After 16h or more often throughout the day, to alternate with your green tea, think of herbal tea. A hot drink without theine. Which plants? Dandelion if you are reckless, if not opt ​​for anise, or the sapwood of linden.


  1. A cure of juice

If you do not have a blender or juice extractor (the top), you can opt for a cure of organic juice. A detox day during which you will only drink fruit and vegetable juices. A good source of antioxidants, vitamins and other micronutrients energy boosters, without the calorie intake (or so little).

How to choose? Again, take organic juices. No, this is not fad, but for a real intake of vitamins, you need unpolluted fruits, with the least possible pesticides. Also check that your juices are cold pressed so that their manufacture does not alter the virtues of the ingredients. Finally, of course, they must be sugar free.


  1. The vegetable broth

Not necessarily worth going far for a detox solution. Since the dawn of time, we have made excellent broths, and it is here to eat vegetables.

How? Cook without boiling vegetables (leeks, onion, green vegetables, carrots, a little thyme, depurative spices, a piece of ginger …), and add bone marrow if you want your broth is even more tasty.


  1. A smoothie made from raw red beetroot

Do not grimace and forget all your canteen memories. Beetroot is not just that ugly soft ball. Consumed raw, it contains treasures of nutrition and tastes much less weird (because we also do not like terribly this mixture of sweet and earthy flavors). We like it especially for its vitamin B and vitamin C content, and also in many trace elements. It is the vegetable revitalizing par excellence, rich in fiber.

How to eat it in smoothie? By mixing it with a little celery, cucumber, carrot and apple.


  1. A detox water that makes you wants

Summer stars, water detox can also find their place in a post-winter detox menu. So, play with kiwi, cucumber, lemon in your jugs of water and let marinate a little. How to optimize their benefits? By not serving them ultra fresh, the digestive system does not like the cold.


  1. Do not forget to drink water, simply

It may sound silly, but it’s better to repeat the basics: water is an essential drink for your detox. Exit alcohol, coffee, sodas (worse than any stuffed with chemicals and sugar).

Drink water at room temperature, and vary the pleasures according to the micro-nutrients that your water contains. Sips of water magnesium perfect at the end of the winter, waters rich in sodium and water rich in calcium, you do not mainly in private!