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5 tips to customize your shirts

In our previous post in which we showed you how to customize your shirts we gave you a multitude of ideas, you discovered the different styles of printing and we gave you advice to take into account before ordering your shirt. We hope that they will help you and guide you, but the world of t-shirt customization does not end here and Textinity’s advice does not either. Today we give you the keys to customize your shirts and have a top design as you imagined t shirt for boy friend & girl friend.

How to choose a custom design?

An event does not always catch us creative and with time to be, do not stress and make decisions without meditating them well!

  • Everything is not worth it. The maxim in personalization is to create impact and be original.
  • For this the main thing is to be clear about what we need to customize our shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts personalized best friends t shirts.
  • You may need it as a daily work uniform, a special occasion such as a bachelor party or the celebration of your faculty at the University.

Once you know what utility you are going to give to the shirt touches the dreaded question “What design do I need?”. It’s time to think about ideas, but if it costs you, Textinity brings you some idea of ​​where to go.

 What should you know to personalize your shirts?

  1. In virtue there is virtue!

If you are looking to carry out a print for your company, you will have to take care of the nuances implicit in the company logo. And for this, it is important to measure simplicity. The logos are adapting to the current trends that increasingly turn to minimalist designs and with few pieces in motion.

Advice! It is also not advisable to abuse the colors in the logo. The less things the public has to process the more visually appealing will be your design.

Have you never heard that less is more?

  1. Know your audience

You must be clear from the beginning who you want to reach. A company at a conference will never have the same priorities as a group of friends at a bachelor party; so both will use different tones, and therefore, different designs.

After knowing your audience it will be easier to focus on an objective and an idea around which to start creating your design. In addition you can also adapt your design to the most appropriate garment.

  • T-shirts to personalize

Textinity not only offers quality, but a price that adapts to all pockets and variable based on the quantity of the product that is ordered. If the event you have to attend is more informal choose a casual design for your personalized shirt. T-shirts are not only isolated to bachelor parties, university parties or advertising stands.

Whether your shirt is formal or not will depend largely on the design.

  • Customizable polo shirts

But if you want to guarantee a formal style gets your personalized polo. In this way you ensure a more defined style that can be valid as a uniform of your corporate team.

  • Sweatshirts with customized design

Are your university parties in winter and want to show off your personalized t-shirt design? Do not worry because Textinity also designs your sweatshirts! Get your design overcome the inclement weather and you can wear it at all times of the year.

  1. Personal and memorable

Think about it with time. Even the best designers need to give a thousand twists to their designs to achieve excellence. It is time to ask what we are going to translate into our personalized clothes, without hurry but without pause.

Set a goal and start creating!

The objective of personalizing a shirt is identification and to create impact and memory.

Ways to represent an idea on your shirt

  • Pictorial representation: elements that are recognizable and identifying for those who see them.
  • Abstract Representation: unless the company is well established and is known is not recommended because this type of representation does not follow a defined visual scheme and may be unrecognizable.
  • Conceptual: Simplicity and abstraction prevail. They are simple elements that in most cases have no direct relationship with the company or the product.
  • Strength in the message: they are designs based on WHAT is said more than in HOW. So they are going to pay more attention in typography.
  • The image: makes use of visual elements such as characters, illustrations, symbols, emblems. This style of representation is the most used because as they say “an image is worth more than 1000 words.”
  1. Give a last round

To achieve the desired result it is important to squeeze the idea to the end and not settle for a decent design, much less if it is not going to be a product to which you give only one utility at a time.

  1. Choose the stamping company

This is undoubtedly the most important step because the idea can be very good but a bad execution can generate an absolute failure.

Textinity is your company of personalization of t-shirts of confidence in which premium the quality of all its products at a very affordable price. Textinity helps its clients in the process of personalizing t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts; offers different types of prints and advises which one is right for you.