7 tips for buying a house

The mortgage rates are sensationally deep, for the money in the bank, there is virtually nothing. For many it makes sense to put the savings in your own house. No landlord, much freedom of design, low interest rate – nice, if the bill works so well. But because it is usually about a lot of money and you buy a house only once in a lifetime, you should look very carefully sell house fast.


Check location

Does the location meet your expectations? How dangerous is the way to school, for example? Is it possible to go shopping on foot? Is there a connection to public transport? And what’s going on in the district or in the community? What is the tax rate? These questions can be answered before you ever saw the house from the inside.


Clarify building codes

Clarify already from the outset, in which construction zone, the object of desire is that building regulations apply, so for example, whether an extension is possible if major works are planned in the area, etc. This information is available on the Building Authority.


Check Property

How is the property? How is the tanning? And what does the garden look like? Who is not a big fan of gardening, should make sure that the green around the house is easy to clean or can be changed without too much effort so that there is not much to do.


Visit the house

Of course, the size of the rooms and their arrangement and orientation plays a role. But very important is the quality of construction or the condition of the house. Is the roof tight? Do the sanitary and electrical installations work? What about the heater? Is there mold in the basement or in other rooms? In order to clarify such questions, a layman cannot avoid asking an expert. But make sure that your construction consultant knows that he really can do something, for example having an apprenticeship and experience as an architect or site supervisor.


Take time

You do not usually buy a house within 24 hours; it’s about a lot of money, so it should be well considered. Even if the seller is pushing for a quick contract, take your time. This also to compare similar objects and to clarify the financial situation with the bank.


Obtaining money

The real estate price consists of the construction costs and the land price. Homes in desirable locations, for example, with lake view are therefore much more expensive than comparable properties elsewhere. If the demand is rather modest or the supply of real estate for sale is large, it may be possible to negotiate the price. In any case, the banks require that 20 percent of the purchase price is raised by the buyer, the rest covers a mortgage loan. In addition, the burden of a property may not account for more than one third of the gross income. Caution: This also applies when interest rates rise! In addition, the amortization, ie the repayment of the mortgage, as well as a contribution for maintenance and additional costs beat on the budget.



The purchase contract for a property must be publicly authenticated by a notary public for it to be valid. He must also be signed by the buyer, seller and notary. Notary fees are usually shared between the buyer and the seller. The house belongs to the new owner only with the entry in the land register.