5 hints to contemplate just before resting

The reflection has numerous preferences, both physical and emotional well-being. Pondering causes you to connect with yourself, something that with stress and the musicality of life that we lead isn’t simple at all universe of feng shui lillian too.

The rundown of advantages does not end here! One of the constructive outcomes that you can get progressively out of contemplation is to effectively accommodate the fantasy. Today we give you a few traps to ponder before resting.

Locate an agreeable position

Reflecting infers that your body and your mind discover a practically otherworldly association. What’s more, for that, you ought to be agreeable. Disregard the stances that show up in magazines and focus on those in which you don’t feel any inconvenience. This is the best of beginnings to think and nod off!

Dispense with any diversion

Mood killer the TV and disregard everything around you. On the off chance that there is any clamor, or something is irritating you, change rooms to get the fixation you have to think.

Tune in to your relaxing

When you can focus on yourself, your body and your psyche, you will probably hear your own relaxing. Absolutely, this is one more of the tips to contemplate just before resting. When you achieve this point, you can ensure you’re progressing nicely.

No stresses

Sleep time is for some ladies the season of day when they consider every one of the issues they have. Subsequently, when you are in this period of contemplation you should quiet your psyche . In spite of the fact that the initial couple of times won’t be simple, all things considered, with a little practice you will almost certainly ace it.

Grin Despite the fact that it might appear somewhat unusual, grinning wipes out strain and that is correctly what you mean to think before resting, to then remain as an infant. In this way, don’t delay to continue grinning while you ruminate. It will assist you with being progressively hopeful and to give your body a chance to dispose of that which causes pressure.

5 reasons to start Meditating and 5 tips to help you

Would you like to start meditating, reduce your stress, improve your health and increase your happiness?

This is possible by adopting the daily habit of Meditation. But what is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of abstracting into a sound, object, movement or breath in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and achieve personal and spiritual growth wofs.com.

This process can lead to an improvement of physical and emotional well-being and that is why it is considered a type of complementary medicine.

Why you should start meditating

Here are 5 good reasons to start meditating and 5 other tips to help you.

5 Reasons to start Meditating

1. – Meditate promotes cardiovascular health by decreasing the heart rate and increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood.

2. – Strengthens the immune system by stimulating blood flow and helping the body eliminate free radicals that cause cell damage

3. – Meditating reduces the response to stress. Even if it is only a few minutes a day, it helps to restore peace and inner calm.

4. – Meditating can help people who suffer from low self-esteem and depression. The practice increases serotonin levels and promotes empathy and compassion towards oneself and others

5. – Meditation can help increase creativity, the ability to concentrate and improve memory

5 Tips to help you with the practice

1. – The preparation

Chooses a specific time and place where nobody can bother you. Put on comfortable clothes and sit comfortably with your back as straight as possible. At first it starts with only 10 minutes a day, and you will gradually increase the time. Propose just observe your thoughts without letting them affect you and breathe deeply and slowly, as if each inhale and exhale were a wave of peace that enters and leaves your body.

2. – Choose your anchor:

There are different types of meditation and different states of meditation.

To start you can use the simplest and perhaps the most difficult modality that is to remain still.

There are different tools that you can use to focus your active mind. You can concentrate on a sound, on an object such as a candle, repeat a mantra, or simply concentrate on your breathing entering and leaving your body.

The purpose of your anchoring is to prevent your thought from taking you to drift and lose that state of present equanimity.

3. Exercise your mind:

Just as you can strengthen your muscles, you can also strengthen your mind, so do not think you’re doing it wrong every time you lose your focus, because paradoxically, every time you can turn your attention to your anchoring is strengthening your mind.

If it can help you, imagine your mind as a rock and your thoughts as raindrops that slip.

Or imagine your higher consciousness as a clear sky and your thoughts as clouds that come and go, that slide you, let them pass.

You are training your mind to let go of the thoughts and emotions that do not serve you and to choose a powerful state of non-reactive grace.

4. – Discipline:

Choose a lasting reason. A strong motivation that eliminates all excuses for a year to meditate.

It can be for example: exercise your willpower , get rid of your insecurities and connect with your essence, to overcome any addiction or unhealthy habit, exercise the power of concentration or whatever it is that incites you to have this appointment with yourself day after day

5. – Recognize the effects:

The practice of meditation expands your consciousness and gives you access to experience the feeling of total unity with everyone and everything around you.

When you experience that your capacity to enjoy life increases and you will notice great changes as you get into the practice of meditation and this becomes a habit in your life.

10 tips to increase testosterone naturally

10 tips to increase testosterone naturally: The concentration of testosterone in our body depends on many factors and some of them can be controlled by us, in this way, we can increase testosterone naturally.

Tips to increase testosterone naturally

Did you know that both men and women release testosterone? Obviously, this anabolic hormone reaches much higher proportions in men because it is a male sex hormone.

Apart from sports goals, high levels of testosterone in men and low levels of testosterone in women are necessary for both sexes to enjoy a full state of health and well-being.

Testosterone levels depend on several factors among which we can mention the following: quality of sleep, exercise, stress, and diet or body fat percentage.

Acting in a simple way about our life habits we can increase testosterone naturally fat burners, pay attention to the tips that we show you below:

  • Eat properly: A percentage of body fat above the appropriate increases the aromatase enzyme, responsible for transforming testosterone into estrogen, thus slowing metabolism. Therefore, nutrition is essential to increase testosterone. Respect your caloric needs through healthy and good quality food, reduces the consumption of processed foods and sugar.
  • Potent zinc-rich foods: Zinc is one of the most important nutrients to increase the level of testosterone. Before taking it as a nutritional supplement, it is more advisable to include in our diet the foods that contain it: liver and beef, oysters, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, peanuts and crab.
  • Power healthy fats: The essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential for the synthesis of hormones, including testosterone. It is important that you increase the dietary sources of healthy fats, such as blue fish, nuts and olive oil.
  • Intermittent fasting: On other occasions we have talked about intermittent fasting and all its benefits, among them, it should be noted that this fasting carried out properly helps us to increase testosterone levels.
  • Plan your workout properly: Did you know that lifting weights 3 times a week regularly can increase your testosterone by up to 20%? Obviously training is essential, also cardiovascular training , not only because of the multiple benefits it provides, but because when performed at intervals of maximum intensity the fat burning is optimized.
  • Do not stress: When we stress our body secretes more cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. The higher the level of cortisol, the lower the testosterone level, so stress is the enemy to avoid. Do not hesitate to incorporate different relaxation techniques into your daily routine.
  • Sleep well: A quality and sufficient night rest is essential for anyone, but even more so for an athlete, since during the night rest the body is repaired. Sleeping less than 7 or 8 hours a day or doing it in an interrupted manner can decrease testosterone by up to 10%.
  • Enjoy sex: The desire and sexual activity are intimately linked to testosterone in the case of men, therefore, satisfy our desires and lead an active sex life will positively affect testosterone levels.
  • Do not drink alcohol: Even when consumption is moderate, alcohol interferes negatively in the work that the liver does with respect to estrogen, increasing the levels of these and therefore decreasing testosterone. In addition, alcohol decreases zinc levels.
  • Avoid excess heat in your genital area: Using tight underwear or pants as well as taking too hot baths can raise the temperature in your testicles by automatically decreasing the production and release of testosterone.

4 effective tricks to improve male fertility, everything is natural

If you are one of the men who tirelessly tries to start a family, but something does not “work well” it is important that first, go to the doctor, follow his instructions and resume the ring. But if in addition to that, you want some extra tricks to improve your fertility, read this note carefully male extra.


According to official figures, about 15% of couples have problems conceiving. Of that amount, a third of the cases, it is the man’s sperm that is responsible for the fact that the fertilization does not take place. An Israeli study says that sperm reaches its peak in winter and early spring. But it is also important to have certain habits that improve the chances of procreating.

Ashok Agarwal, chief of reproductive medicine at the Cleveland Clinic recommends these 4 habits to improve male fertility.

  1. – Reduce imperfect sperm

90% of the sperm do not have aerodynamic shape, similar to that of a tadpole, this prevents penetration of the ovule. To reverse this situation, the expert recommends Consuming foods rich in lycopene, a wonderful antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables.

  1. – Increase the number of spermatocytes


On average, an ejaculation has 15 to 150 million sperm. That amount can increase if the man exercises regularly. Scientists explained that this is because spending time in the gym helps us burn fat while increasing testosterone.

  1. – Improve your mobility

The mission of all spermatozoa must be completed in 12 or 14 hours maximum. The success of the fertilization will depend on the speed with which they move and so that they move faster you have to leave the cell phone aside. In a Cleveland Clinic study, men who used their phones consistently showed a decrease in the mobility of their sperm.

  1. – Keep them safe

To reach the goal, the sperm need to stay alive and for this the use of lubricants is important. Even those who promote themselves as “completely natural” may contain chemicals, acids or alkalis, powerful enough to poison the sperm. Some brands can eliminate up to 72% of your battalion in just 30 minutes, according to Australian researchers.


We summarize today the top 10 tips for losing weight: they are simple and can be implemented for anyone who wants to lose weight. A tip right away: Do not put all the weight loss tips and steps at once, because otherwise it will be too much at once and the motivation and discipline will suffer: step by step, every few days or every week, to do something new. That works best Performix SST Review.



Drink you slim. At least 2 liters of water should be daily. Who does not like it pure, makes it tea, but without sugar! You should drink an extra liter per hour and 1-2 liters per day if the temperature is too hot.

Effect: Water fills the stomach, reduces hunger and ensures good digestion and a “smooth” metabolism.



Every gear makes you lean: If you have less than 10 kilometers to work, you should always get a bike and drive to work. Even in bad weather, thanks to the poncho or rain jacket, no problem. Smaller purchases can be done on foot. And take the stairs: You should never climb a lift again, except when skiing.

Effect: 30-40 minutes of cycling a day increases calorie consumption by 300 calories. Who spends this time in the car burns only a quarter (75 kcal) of it. 20 minutes walk, z. B. during the lunch break, consumes about 100 calories and 5 minutes of stairs rise after all 40 calories. That makes 440 calories saved on a working day and over 132,000 calories per year. That’s about 19 kilograms of body fat.



Many studies, and not least the success of the Slim on Sleep Diet, show it: Carbohydrates are important because our concentration and mental performance suffers from carbohydrate withdrawal. BUT: in the evening and for lunch it may be a larger portion of protein. The best way to reduce carbohydrate intake is during the day: muesli in the morning, wild rice pork with chicken at lunchtime, and herbal quark and vegetables or fish with salad in the evening.

Effect: The blood sugar level increases when we eat carbohydrates. Once the blood sugar level has risen, fat is no longer burned due to insulin secretion. The lower the carbohydrate content of a meal, the lower the blood sugar level rises and the more fat is burned after the meal.

Because we usually do not have to provide any more high-level thinking in the evening, you can keep the blood sugar level in the cellar and do without bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sugar of any kind.



Most of us eat too little fiber. Fiber is great for digesting and long-lasting. At least 30 grams of fiber are recommended daily. The best way to get it together with the following foods:

  • 3 cups of espresso: 2 g
  • 1 apple: 2 g
  • 100 g wholegrain bread: 8 g
  • 300 g of rocket and tomato salad: 3 g
  • 170 g of green beans: 5.5 g
  • 50 g muesli: 4.5 g
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seed: 5 g

Effect: Fiber is called indigestible carbohydrates, so only ballast, but hardly any calories. They last for a long time and ensure a constant blood sugar level.



An experiment by the US fitness journal “May’s” accompanied several women in their own weight loss methods. One of them abstained from alcohol for a month. The result: 3 kilos less. Without that she changed her diet. This result sounds like a miracle, but is quite logical:

Effect: Alcohol has many calories: 7 kcal per gram to be exact. For comparison, 1g of protein or 1g of carbs provides only 4 Kcal per gram). In addition, the alcohol promotes appetite. If you renounce wine and beer for a few weeks, it will lead to weight loss without dieting.



You are astonished, what? Of course, it is no secret that sports support weight loss. BUT: Did you know that people who do sports several times a week also consume more calories on the couch? It’s time to finally do sports regularly. The best way to combine exercise with endurance sports is 3 to 4 days a week.

Effect: A study of Yale University found: Even when “hanging around” athletes consume more calories, especially to generate heat in the muscles. Your body is always ready and warms up. The whole organism is trimmed in front of the TV even on athletic achievements.



Eating when you’re really hungry also means you do not force yourself to snack in between. Even if many dietary concepts advise, for example “to prevent hunger”. Try it with only 3 meals a day. Are you really hungry in between, so the stomach growls and the concentration decreases then eat a protein-rich snack (no sugar and starchy snacks between meals)?

Effect: Every time we eat starch or sugar, the blood sugar level rises and insulin is released. As a result, less fat is burned. Each snack brings your body off the fat burning. But if you are really hungry and your stomach growls, then eat natural yoghurt, 6-7 nuts or a boiled egg – food with little or no sugar or starch.



Try to fill your lunch plate with the following principle: 50% of the plate (half) should consist of vegetables, 25% (one quarter) of lean protein such as fish or chicken, and the last quarter of complex carbohydrates (wholegrain bread, brown rice, Potatoes or wholemeal pasta).

Effect: Vegetables saturate with a lot of volume for a few calories, so it is ideal to eat properly. The rule can also be transferred to the breakfast plate: 50 percent fruit, 25 percent dairy products and 25 percent complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal.



More frequent weighing is more helpful in weight loss; a recent study by the University of Minnesota has shown. Overweight obesity was observed in 3,000 people and divided into two groups: One group should weigh and lose weight daily. The other group should weigh daily and maintain weight. Result: By weighing daily, both groups decreased.

Effect: Correcting a small weight gain is easier for us than seeing three kilos more on the scale. When weighing and losing weight, you have the goal in mind repeatedly when weighing several times and can immediately “intervene” when the pointer of the scale rises. But you do not have to weigh yourself more than once a day.



Those who diligently save calories also need epicure moments. Because who fails too much, gets after a while, almost unsustainable cravings and cravings. Then you run the risk of throwing the diet overboard and eating it unrestrained. It’s better to treat yourself to a gourmet day every week. It is best to take the Saturday or Sunday.

Effect: enjoyment must be, otherwise it comes to frustration and that does not last long. If you consciously enjoy a feast, you can also take part in a party, family or professional event during a diet and enjoy it on weekends.

10 detox drinks to boost you

  1. In the morning, a lemon juice

Its action on the secretion of bile acts in favor of the liver and more largely promotes digestion. Lemon contains soluble fiber, vitamin C, calcium and is an excellent antioxidant amazing grass review. And we know now, antioxidants are excellent for detox (and also rejuvenation).

Lemon has beneficial effects on blood sugar and fat dissolution.

How? Take a lemon juice every morning at sunrise, with a little warm water (or at room temperature, not cold to keep your intestines). And wait about 10 minutes before having breakfast.


  1. During the day, unsweetened lemongrass

To prolong the beneficial effects of your lemon juice, give your body a detox water cure with lemon. In other words, unsweetened lemonade. This will work your salivary glands without providing calories.

How? In a mason jar, mix water, untreated lemon slices (otherwise you’ll take in more pesticides than vitamins!), some mint leaves, and fresh ginger. Sip all day long. Be careful to stay reasonable on ice cubes that tend to slow down digestion.


  1. An apple-parsley smoothie

Parsley is an incredible source of vitamin C, so do not deprive us. And to absorb a generous amount, mix it with an interesting fruit for its fiber content, the apple.

How? Take organic apples to keep the skin, full of vitamins (and non-organic apples being the most polluted fruits pesticides), and mix with ten branches of parsley. You can also add a little cucumber or use spinach leaves instead of parsley.


  1. The inevitable green tea

Green tea appears as an excellent source of antioxidants, which help to fight against free radicals (the aggressors of our cells!) And thus contribute to preserve our youth capital.

No need to drink 2 liters of tea to benefit from these virtues, some cups will suffice.And then know that tea is very diuretic, so do not abuse it, and alternate with water.

But tea is a zero-calorie drink, so we do not miss it.

How to drink it? Contrary to what is believed, green tea still contains theine, so be sure to consume before 4 pm so as not to suffer its exciting effects. And to prepare a tea at the top, pour simmering and not boiling water.


  1. An herbal tea with ginger

After 16h or more often throughout the day, to alternate with your green tea, think of herbal tea. A hot drink without theine. Which plants? Dandelion if you are reckless, if not opt ​​for anise, or the sapwood of linden.


  1. A cure of juice

If you do not have a blender or juice extractor (the top), you can opt for a cure of organic juice. A detox day during which you will only drink fruit and vegetable juices. A good source of antioxidants, vitamins and other micronutrients energy boosters, without the calorie intake (or so little).

How to choose? Again, take organic juices. No, this is not fad, but for a real intake of vitamins, you need unpolluted fruits, with the least possible pesticides. Also check that your juices are cold pressed so that their manufacture does not alter the virtues of the ingredients. Finally, of course, they must be sugar free.


  1. The vegetable broth

Not necessarily worth going far for a detox solution. Since the dawn of time, we have made excellent broths, and it is here to eat vegetables.

How? Cook without boiling vegetables (leeks, onion, green vegetables, carrots, a little thyme, depurative spices, a piece of ginger …), and add bone marrow if you want your broth is even more tasty.


  1. A smoothie made from raw red beetroot

Do not grimace and forget all your canteen memories. Beetroot is not just that ugly soft ball. Consumed raw, it contains treasures of nutrition and tastes much less weird (because we also do not like terribly this mixture of sweet and earthy flavors). We like it especially for its vitamin B and vitamin C content, and also in many trace elements. It is the vegetable revitalizing par excellence, rich in fiber.

How to eat it in smoothie? By mixing it with a little celery, cucumber, carrot and apple.


  1. A detox water that makes you wants

Summer stars, water detox can also find their place in a post-winter detox menu. So, play with kiwi, cucumber, lemon in your jugs of water and let marinate a little. How to optimize their benefits? By not serving them ultra fresh, the digestive system does not like the cold.


  1. Do not forget to drink water, simply

It may sound silly, but it’s better to repeat the basics: water is an essential drink for your detox. Exit alcohol, coffee, sodas (worse than any stuffed with chemicals and sugar).

Drink water at room temperature, and vary the pleasures according to the micro-nutrients that your water contains. Sips of water magnesium perfect at the end of the winter, waters rich in sodium and water rich in calcium, you do not mainly in private!

What are superfoods?

What types of superfoods are there and what do they do?

As I said in the previous article, there is a great variety. Some can be useful to reduce stress (adaptogens such as Asian ginseng, rhodiola or ashwagandha), to eliminate heavy metals and environmental pollution in general (algae, chlorophyll), to round out the nutritional profile of the diet, improve the immune system, sports performance or provide energy Amazing Grass reviews.

Green superfoods: they provide chlorophyll and phytochemicals. They cleanse us and improve processes in the body that provide energy. They are fresh and sprouted sprouts, green leafy vegetables, broccoli and foods such as wheat germinated, and spirulina and chlorella microalgae. If you buy powder, a convenient way to get these more concentrated nutrients, do not overdo it with the amount because of the risk of mild stomach upsets, such as diarrhea. It should begin with a small amount to allow the body to get used to it.

Seaweed: they have a huge amount of minerals and trace elements and can help eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body thanks to fiber and substances such as alginic acid or glutamic acid. Only the equivalent of one tablespoon per day will be taken, because some seaweed contains exorbitant amounts of iodine.

Herbs and spices: they have all kinds of properties; Turmeric – especially when combined with freshly ground fresh pepper – is a potent antioxidant, matcha tea is antioxidant, reishi is energizing, aloe heals and helps regenerate intestinal walls, etc.

Fruits and seeds: contain, above all, large amounts of antioxidants and good quality fats. They are the camu-camu, the raw cacao, the açaí, the raspberries, the blackberries, the pomegranate, the goji berries, the blueberries, the coconut, the maca, the baobab or the seeds of flax, hemp, or xia.

Of beekeeping origin: pollen, royal jelly, propolis. They have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, improve the immune system and are energizing.

In conclusion: if we bet on quality brands and use common sense, they can be an excellent ally to improve health, but always within the context of a healthy global diet based on food.

Banana and berry smoothie

Keep your camera ready – it will definitely be a recipe worthy of Instagram. Not only do the smoothie bowls look great, but they also taste amazing! This bowl of banana smoothie and berries has the added benefit of being made with Strawberry Shakeology (but you can use the flavor you want). The flaked almonds and chia seeds that adorn this bowl give texture and good fats (omega-3). Although smoothie bowls are not as “ready to go” as drinks, they are a great way to change your morning routine, especially if you have a little extra time to sit down and enjoy your meal Shakeology reviews.


  • ¾ cup of almond milk
  • 1 measure of strawberry shakeology
  • ¼ cup fresh or frozen blueberries (keep some for garnish)
  • 1 cup of ice cream
  • ¼ big bananas cut into thick slices
  • ¼ cup ripe fresh or frozen
  • 2 tablespoons raw sliced ​​almonds
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds


Place the almond milk, shakeology, blueberries and ice in a blender; cover. Mix until the mixture has a smooth consistency.

Place the smoothie in a medium bowl. Garnish with remaining blueberries, banana, blackberries, almonds and chia seeds; serve immediately.

Superfoods in green smoothies

When choosing ingredients for a green smoothie, two things are of primary importance. First, there are the nutrients contained in the ingredients, after all, the smoothie should contribute to a healthy diet. Likewise, the taste is not to be ignored; after all, the smoothie should also give the palate a pleasure Athletic Greens reviews.

With regard to the topic of nutrients, it is advisable to provide variety. Whoever uses the same ingredients always consume the same nutrients. An alternating selection of ingredients helps to expand the spectrum of nutrients absorbed and thus to support your health. Partly because of this aspect, it is often advised to resort to seasonal ingredients from the region.

However, no one has to limit themselves to these ingredients; after all, this is just one of several approaches. For example, anyone who knows he or she is struggling with deficiency symptoms or similar difficulties is often well advised to consume certain nutrients in an increased concentration. Depending on the nutrient requirement, it is advisable to resort to so-called superfoods.

What are superfoods?

Of course, anyone who has been involved in green smoothies for quite some time knows exactly what is meant. The term “superfood” was coined in the US, in the local smoothie and raw food scene, there are several authors again, which have contributed significantly to the popularity of individual food.

However, it should be noted that there is no universal definition for superfoods, in part; the authors represent slightly different opinions. However, these are essentially foods that either contain certain nutrients at a higher than average level or rare nutrients that only a few foods provide.

Especially because there are different opinions and views, in the individual books also sometimes very different foods are listed as superfoods. In this regard, we would like to add that regional influences cannot be overlooked. Since many authors come from the USA, they have focused on food that is readily available on-site, for example, directly from the US or South America. Food from Europe is not always considered, although we also have some superfoods. A good example is blueberry, which “competes” with the acai berry. The latter is now also very popular with us – a fact that is ultimately due to its high content of antioxidants. What many people do not know is the fact.

Use superfoods properly

Theoretically, it is possible to add many different superfoods to the blender jar of a Vitamix or similar high-performance blender and process it into a smoothie. However, one should think twice whether this is the right way. We personally believe that it makes more sense to add a specific food (such as broccoli sprouts) when adding superfoods). We do not want to “overload” our smoothies with too many ingredients, but instead make sure that the nutrients they contain are well utilized. The more ingredients in a smoothie, the more likely it is for individual ingredients to interact with each other, for example by binding each other and thereby preventing absorption in the gut. In that sense, it is safer to use fewer ingredients. Also in terms of taste, this is a good choice, because the individual flavors then usually better come into their own. In addition, the appropriate enzymes must always be available for recovery. The fewer ingredients in a diet, the easier it is for the body to use enzymes efficiently and utilize food.

Get to know the first superfood

After our introduction to superfoods, it is time to introduce a first food of this category. Because the series of superfoods is dominated by exotic fruits, we thought to start with a completely different approach and to give priority to a local food. So we decided to start with the blueberry.

Because the blueberry is such an exciting superfood, we have dedicated a detailed article to her, which should not only appear here in the blog, but firmly anchored, in our website. The following link leads to the article: Blueberry as an ingredient for green smoothies.

5 tips for choosing the best green superfood

With the many benefits of superfood green supplements, its market is filled with many brands, making it difficult to choose a product that’s right for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the best green superfood in the saturated market amazing grass.

Consult the ingredients table

Reading the ingredients table before choosing a green superfood is important to help you choose one. This is because some of these ingredients can lead to side effects that can be stomach upset or even headaches. If you are also trying to reduce your intake of stimulants, it will be helpful to check the ingredients first, as some of these products contain stimulant effects similar to those of coffee.

Follow the instructions given

When mixing the product, be sure to use the drinks indicated in the instructions. You can mix your product with your daily cup of tea or any other drink you prefer, but it may not work better. The indicated drinks generally work best, so be sure to always use them. In addition, you can look for recommendations on the brand’s website or find other articles that give sufficient information about the product.

Ask previous users

The best way to learn about a product is to ask other people who have it or are still using it. You get to know their experience with green superfoods and the best places where you can find them. Even though the bodies are different and react differently to different products, their experience can give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Most people have found the best green powder supplements here so you can be sure to have a good choice. Also, look for online reviews and testimonials about the product before making a choice.

Consult your doctor first

Be sure to consult your doctor before purchasing the supplement, especially if you have recently been diagnosed with heart disease or other heart condition. This is because some supplements will only skyrocket your heart problems and other health issues that can be triggered by taking nutritional supplements. In addition, your doctor will advise you on supplements that are safe and those that are not safe. If you experience pain or diarrhea while taking a green superfood, be sure to consult your doctor.

Do not rely on it as a sole source of nutrients

Most importantly, you should not rely on your green powder supplement as the sole source of nutrients. The supplement is supposed to increase your nutrient intake for your usual diet, but should not be your main source. So for any healthy body, a green superfood should be strictly used as moderation.


Green superfoods are an excellent source of nutrients and can help provide your body with the necessary nutrients. The most important part is the criteria you use to choose your product. Always make sure you find one with the ingredients your body needs most.