7 Tips for choosing a good Digital Marketing Agency

This article is aimed at all those people or companies that have some questions when hiring a digital marketing agency, including those who are already working with a particular agency and do not have the way to assess whether they are receiving good service for what they are paying Indianapolis digital marketing.

The task for the selection of who will take the online marketing strategy of your business is one of the most important stages in your company, since this can depend on the success or complete failure of your business.

1. Define what your needs and objectives are.

Obviously, the first thing we need to know is what are the needs of my business and what are the objectives that I propose before hiring an online marketing agency. In this section we need to know if our business only needs to strengthen the name of the brand, either improving the online reputation of our company and at the same time multiplying the number of visits to our site, social networks or rather, what we need is multiply the sales of the products and services of our business.

A common case is that small and medium companies frequent me seek to strengthen their brand seeking to attract a large number of visits to their sites. In this case, a digital marketing agency specializing in web positioning (SEO) and search engine marketing (Sem) could be an efficient alternative for your business.

2. Organize and define the budget and cost of your campaigns.

This point is one of the key factors when choosing which digital marketing agency we will make our digital strategy. In this part we must always choose the best relationship between quality / price. Obviously if our company is a small, family business and even a personal business we could not have a similar proposal to a multinational company such as; Amazon , eBay or Paypal . But nevertheless. A very low budget can carry a service of very low quality, which would lead to our campaigns to obtain bad results and unquestionably nobody wants to waste time and money in a poorly prepared campaign and without optimal results caused by our low budget.

It is clear that the budget will depend on the size of the company and the policy it has for investment in the field of digital marketing. But I recommend for a small company a minimum of $ 500 per month to achieve minimally relevant results for your business. Here it is always good to remember that cheap can go very expensive.

3. Evaluate the reputation and experience of the agency.

Nowadays, the proliferation of digital marketing agencies is increasing, offering the same services and with huge differences in costs, it is essential to know in detail the reputation and experience of the agency that we propose to hire. Certainly a great experience together with a success story does not guarantee that for us it would be the Ideal agency, but it is clear that this sends us a very good signal at the time that I want to select an agency to carry out the digital marketing strategy in our business.

Here it is convenient to verify the recommendations made by the clients of the portfolio of the agency to hire to assess their reputation. Another important factor in this point is to validate the certifications that the agency has. Example: Yes this is specialized in digital strategies with SEO techniques and Sem would be highly valued if the agency has Google certifications.

In this part it is advisable to verify if the agency has a web presence and verify its reputation and its positioning in the cloud. Although it is assumed that a digital marketing agency has a web presence and social networks, however, there are cases of agencies that offer digital marketing services that have their websites well, but very poorly positioned, with few visits monthly and very bad valuation. For this reason, this part should not be ignored.

4. Analyze and evaluate the service level of the agency.

This section is very important to make the choice of the most suitable digital marketing agency for our business. Points such as pro-activity, number of daily changes, monthly planned in our campaigns, monitoring and the use of tools for analytics and web optimization, should be evaluated to make our choice as accurate as possible.

A good option would be to find an agency that has a professional work team specialized in different areas of marketing. Working with a diversified group will give you better results than a person can obtain individually.

Constant optimization is one of the characteristics of good agencies. They perform tests again and again; make the necessary changes on the web and campaigns. Up to the most optimal result when concluding with the digital marketing strategy.

An ideal agency will carry out an integrated digital strategy. In this part I refer to a combination of techniques that include: Seo techniques (Positioning in search engines) organic positioning; Sem (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Marketing in social networks) and email marketing.

An agency that stands out, is always customer oriented, clearly demonstrates to the contractor the average cost to acquire a new client (CPA), in the same way, it shows the return on investment of the marketing budget (ROI) and as a final result the Net profit of our digital marketing strategy.

5. Location, contacts and communication with the agency

The good communication between the agencies and the client is considered an indispensable aspect for the execution of a digital marketing strategy with excellent results. At this point it is positively evaluated the ease of contact with the agency either through the web, social networks and by telephone; including the physical location of the agency. When an agency offers a wide range of customer contact options, it is providing a high degree of trust.

A good agency puts your telephone contacts, social networks and even your geographical location on your website. A good example of this type of Digital Marketing Agency is Web Cancun in the city of Cancun in Mexico.

6. Define and control the results of your strategy and campaigns.

In the process of selecting the digital marketing agency, the delivery of reports should be defined periodically on all the campaigns defined in the digital marketing strategy and established between the agency and the client. The delivery of these reports can be done weekly, biweekly and monthly or in the most convenient manner for both parties. The results obtained allow us to know that we are doing well and in which parts we have to work harder to improve our strategy.

7. Define the legal and contractual aspects with the agency.

This last piece of advice is very important when defining a contract with a digital marketing agency as well as with any company and individual that we intend to do business with. At this point we must clarify and establish the issues related to the mandatory duration of the contract, the clauses of cancellation, renewals, definition of ownership of work performed, form of payments and types of charges.

In conclusion : an ideal agency for my business is a professional multidisciplinary team in digital marketing strategies focused on making sell the largest number of products and services to your business with the best relationship between quality and price using a comprehensive marketing strategy (SEO , SEM, SMM, EMAIL MARKETING, Etc.).

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