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Invest money in gold – tips for beginners

Anyone who wants to invest his money as a beginner will at some point also deal with the precious metal gold. Gold is one of the values ​​that will always have value, which is why it has been so popular for several thousand years gold ira comparison. Is gold an investment? No. At least not in the classic way. Surely, at first glance, it may look like you can make money with gold (if you physically buy it). Anyone who bought one ounce of gold in 2005 for $ 500 and sold $ 1,500 in 2012 could have earned $ 1,000 in that ounce.

While large banks and large investors have the financial means to exploit even the smallest price fluctuations, one would have a problem as a retail investor after the sale of gold and this is the high gold price, which would have to buy new gold significantly more expensive.

Gold is an investment and not a financial investment. It cannot hurt to invest part of your money in gold. It is important to remember that this is not a financial investment, because gold does not yield interest or a return, moreover, the precious metal is solely dependent on the gold price, which is constantly changing.


Use gold only as part of the hedge

Especially as a retail investor is very important not to invest his entire fortune in gold but only a part, this is often spoken by 10 to 15%. You should also stick to this simple rule in times when a “crisis” should happen again. In this case, the price of gold rises sharply and who then wants to buy out of the panic gold, must reach far deeper into the bag.

My recommendation: Gold should only serve as pure value assurance and not as an investment. It can be reassuring to know that you have this precious metal and thus a hedge. The more your own portfolio is spread, the better you are hedged.

If you also want to save money when buying gold, you need a little patience. The better the economy goes, the lower the price of gold. A good indication of this is the increase in the key interest rate of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) and falling unemployment rates. It is therefore worthwhile, if one deal with the world economy from time to time, so can save a lot of money when buying gold.


Buy gold, but where?

I have already often reported on the possibility of buying gold. So you can buy the gold in a bank or at a gold dealer in his city. There are more than enough options via the Internet. Buying through such providers is easy and convenient. You choose your desired amount of gold (ingots or coins), order, pay for it and then deliver the gold to your home, with the gold insured during shipment. In the best case, the provider offers additional storage facilities, where you can keep the money safe; at Goldkontor Hamburg GmbH this is possible either with a locker or a gold deposit, which is located in a high security vault. Although a renewal fee is due for storage, even with very large amounts of gold ranging from several thousand to ten thousand euros, this may be a better option than keeping your gold at home or burying it in the garden.