Pallet trucks vs skip loaders

There are all kinds of pallet trucks and skip loaders, and deciding which of the two and what type are best suited to your needs depends on what you’re planning to do.

Clearly, if you’re going to be handling a lot of pallets, and moving them in and out of storage, pallet trucks allow it to be done simply and easily. Your only real issue when considering one is whether a manual or powered one is best for you.SUPER 123 BOLTLESS SHELVING

A manual pallet jack is operated by hand and works much the same way as a jack, rising or lowering depending on the task, and they can take heavy loads with no problem. But if there’s a lot of lifting and moving in your operations, it may be best to consider a powered pallet truck.

Powered pallet trucks make warehousing of materials much more efficient, because it’s possible to move products around much quicker. Another key benefit is they eliminate the risk of injury to warehouse workers who might otherwise strain themselves using manual pallet jacks, thereby helping to ward off worker downtime and the possibility of a compensation claim.

If your operation involves moving large amounts of loose material around, however, a heavy-duty skip loader may be required. Some are basically a kind of modified tractor with a front-loading bucket and are commonly seen on construction sites, as well as carrying materials from one location to the other. But others are simpler in design, such as heavy-duty tilting skips, which are used with forklift trucks.

Other kinds of skip loaders include mini skips, which are useful in areas where there’s not much space. They’re designed to fit under a workbench in production zones and have a wire-mesh cage at the top. Other types of skip loaders include heavy-duty tilting skips, which are used with forklift trucks and are suitable for construction environments; and front-emptying skips, handy in speeding up production or construction because the vehicle operator can discharge the material from the cab.

Pallet trucks and skip loaders are essential for a range of commercial activities, and there are different models of each to suit all kinds of companies and their requirements.RETAIL SHELVING