Internet search engines are not limited to Google – although this digital brand is predominant. For example, by April 2018, the Bing online search engine represented 6.45 percent of the global search market and during that same period, the Chinese brand Baidu had a 0.86 percent market share also globally.

For its part, Google dominates the market of internet search engines, with a market share of 86.3 percent also in April 2018, according to Statista data. It is a company that obtained around 110 billion dollars in advertising during 2017.

But optimizing this search engine also requires certain tricks or shortcuts like the ones that the Spanish creative Pablo Aracil offers next. This is advice the following recommendations that we present below.

  1. To quote the words to point precise sentences It

can be given in the case that you want a word or prayer specifically, with which you must write that word or sentence in quotation marks. Using quotation marks will force you to search for that word or prayer accurately.
Note: In this search would not go, for example, “perfect google tricks”, while “perfect” is not in the sentence we seek.

  1. Use the wildcard “*”

We can use the asterisk in words or sentences to write wildcards of one or more words. In the example, I used “google tricks”, which will make Google search for that term, but also “perfect google tricks”, “advanced google tricks”, etc.

  1. Exclude words with the sign “-” It

may happen that, when searching for “google tricks”, you do not want to leave pages where you talk about “adwords google tricks”. In such a case, we will subtract the word “adwords” by putting a hyphen (minus sign) before it is exactly the same, which will show the pages of “google tricks” that do not contain the word “adwords”.

  1. Force the incorporation of words with

Likewise we can put the symbol ~ already before a word to look for similar words. To serve as an example, if we search with the text “~ SEO Specialists“, instead of searching only for “seo” you will search for “search engine optimization” and “search engine optimization”