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Superfoods in green smoothies

When choosing ingredients for a green smoothie, two things are of primary importance. First, there are the nutrients contained in the ingredients, after all, the smoothie should contribute to a healthy diet. Likewise, the taste is not to be ignored; after all, the smoothie should also give the palate a pleasure Athletic Greens reviews.

With regard to the topic of nutrients, it is advisable to provide variety. Whoever uses the same ingredients always consume the same nutrients. An alternating selection of ingredients helps to expand the spectrum of nutrients absorbed and thus to support your health. Partly because of this aspect, it is often advised to resort to seasonal ingredients from the region.

However, no one has to limit themselves to these ingredients; after all, this is just one of several approaches. For example, anyone who knows he or she is struggling with deficiency symptoms or similar difficulties is often well advised to consume certain nutrients in an increased concentration. Depending on the nutrient requirement, it is advisable to resort to so-called superfoods.

What are superfoods?

Of course, anyone who has been involved in green smoothies for quite some time knows exactly what is meant. The term “superfood” was coined in the US, in the local smoothie and raw food scene, there are several authors again, which have contributed significantly to the popularity of individual food.

However, it should be noted that there is no universal definition for superfoods, in part; the authors represent slightly different opinions. However, these are essentially foods that either contain certain nutrients at a higher than average level or rare nutrients that only a few foods provide.

Especially because there are different opinions and views, in the individual books also sometimes very different foods are listed as superfoods. In this regard, we would like to add that regional influences cannot be overlooked. Since many authors come from the USA, they have focused on food that is readily available on-site, for example, directly from the US or South America. Food from Europe is not always considered, although we also have some superfoods. A good example is blueberry, which “competes” with the acai berry. The latter is now also very popular with us – a fact that is ultimately due to its high content of antioxidants. What many people do not know is the fact.

Use superfoods properly

Theoretically, it is possible to add many different superfoods to the blender jar of a Vitamix or similar high-performance blender and process it into a smoothie. However, one should think twice whether this is the right way. We personally believe that it makes more sense to add a specific food (such as broccoli sprouts) when adding superfoods). We do not want to “overload” our smoothies with too many ingredients, but instead make sure that the nutrients they contain are well utilized. The more ingredients in a smoothie, the more likely it is for individual ingredients to interact with each other, for example by binding each other and thereby preventing absorption in the gut. In that sense, it is safer to use fewer ingredients. Also in terms of taste, this is a good choice, because the individual flavors then usually better come into their own. In addition, the appropriate enzymes must always be available for recovery. The fewer ingredients in a diet, the easier it is for the body to use enzymes efficiently and utilize food.

Get to know the first superfood

After our introduction to superfoods, it is time to introduce a first food of this category. Because the series of superfoods is dominated by exotic fruits, we thought to start with a completely different approach and to give priority to a local food. So we decided to start with the blueberry.

Because the blueberry is such an exciting superfood, we have dedicated a detailed article to her, which should not only appear here in the blog, but firmly anchored, in our website. The following link leads to the article: Blueberry as an ingredient for green smoothies.