The 7 steps you should never forget when designing clothes

  1. Inspire

The first thing to do before creating a new piece is to review trends in fashion, although it is also good to review what has already been done in the past and relive it to give it a contemporary touch. Also visit fabric stores, dog mom gifts.

  1. Sketch

After the above, it’s time to start visualizing your design on paper or use any of the computer programs. He always starts drawing a basic human form. Begin to generalize, then you will go detailing.

  1. Give color

Once you have made your first sketch it is time to color, for this you must take into account that will carry the clothes, what kind of person, the characteristics of your body, for example. Add surprise elements with the color palette you choose.

  1. Accesoriza

One way to give a more original touch is to use accessories such as belts, scarves, jewelry, hats or shoes. You must create congruence in the design, that is, do not skip the design of the garment with that of the shoes.

  1. Select the materials

After that it is time to make your design a reality, so you must choose the fabric and other materials that you will use. Take into consideration the texture and flow of the fabric, as well as the other decorations you will use, without forgetting the thread.

  1. Assemble your design

For this you must make patterns, which will serve as a guide in the cuts of the fabric. Use a sewing mannequin to form a basic fit.

  1. Apply your sewing skills

Now it’s time to put your sewing skills into practice to make your designs come true.