5 tips to prevent hair loss – Professional Hairstyles For Men

Have you noticed that lately you leave more hair in the brush? Do not be alarmed! There are many factors that can be causing your hair to fall in greater quantity than you are used to. That is why below we give you a short list of some tips for your hair to return to normal. Know them!

 1. Forget about stress.

Did you know that one of the factors that most influences Professional Hairstyles For Men and hair loss is stress? So is! One of the consequences of suffering stress or anxiety is hair loss or nervous alopecia. So we recommend you to do some physical activity, meditation, yoga, pilates; Any action that relaxes you and allows you to reduce your anxiety levels.

2. Avoid these foods.

The refined and high in carbohydrates and sugar foods are very harmful to the health of your hair ; This is because they produce inflammation, alter hormone and insulin levels, so they favor fungal infection, affecting the hair follicles and promote the fall of your hair. If you want to keep your hair, do not consume them excessively!

3. Out of chemicals!

The chemicals that contain hair dyes do a lot of bad to your hair. We know that we all love to change our look and look spectacular with the trends in color that are fashionable, but remember that you should not abuse these and, if possible, use dyes that contain natural ingredients.

4. Massage your scalp.

Massaging your scalp with warm almond oil will help you enormously to nourish it. The only thing you should do is massage the scalp for about an hour, with this, in addition to stimulating blood circulation in this area, will nourish inside. Test it!

5. Do not bathe with very hot water.

Bathing with very hot water will cause the follicle to be damaged and open, causing it to fall excessively; we recommend you to bathe with lukewarm water and at the end of the shower to give yourself a rinse with super cold water, with this in addition to promoting its growth, you will help the pores to close and to fall in smaller quantity.