Super brilliant thing, how you can increase your desire

I discovered this wonderful thing to get my appetite going just last week and I just cannot get enough of it.

Of course I want to share that with you, because … it’s super simple, you always have it ready and it boosts your libido, but that’s what!

But something very important in advance:

Allow yourself to feel your desire

This may sound a little bit abstruse, but many women (and I’m one of them too) shut up when they get closer to their lust Prime Male review.

It’s often with me when I’m alone. “Just want to have fun, that’s not allowed.” That’s how it feels. In today’s society it is not really common for women to be full in their lust and live. Immediately a woman is a slut. Why? Because this desire is super powerful. And many are afraid of that.

That’s why a friend of mine had encouraged me to feel my lust too! Yes, and that’s why I found so much fun with this exercise. It brings me new freedom.

And so does the exercise

Make yourself a little head cinema. Imagine a scene that turns on you and spreads your lust, (even one that you have already experienced) and paint this situation fully out. Mitt all your senses and down to the smallest detail.

  • Who is this?
  • Where is that?
  • What is the relationship between you?
  • What happens to your body?

Go deep into the story until you feel good. Once shame or guilt arises because that person might have a partner, or you’re on a relationship, still trying to go further and you allow.

It’s your idea and you can do whatever you want. As long as you feel good about it!

Feel the pleasure in your body

Since this exercise is quite top-heavy, it is now important to feel the pleasure in your body. And there are the following questions to help:

  • Do you feel a tingling sensation? If yes, where? In or on your body?
  • How is your breathing?
  • Can you feel your heart beat faster?
  • Is your abdomen starting to get fuller?
  • Does your vagina open?
  • These are all small suggestions to connect with your body.


You can also do this exercise with Vagina Facing or Vaginal Mapping. Then you can watch how your vagina changes as a result of the excitement.