What are superfoods?

What types of superfoods are there and what do they do?

As I said in the previous article, there is a great variety. Some can be useful to reduce stress (adaptogens such as Asian ginseng, rhodiola or ashwagandha), to eliminate heavy metals and environmental pollution in general (algae, chlorophyll), to round out the nutritional profile of the diet, improve the immune system, sports performance or provide energy Amazing Grass reviews.

Green superfoods: they provide chlorophyll and phytochemicals. They cleanse us and improve processes in the body that provide energy. They are fresh and sprouted sprouts, green leafy vegetables, broccoli and foods such as wheat germinated, and spirulina and chlorella microalgae. If you buy powder, a convenient way to get these more concentrated nutrients, do not overdo it with the amount because of the risk of mild stomach upsets, such as diarrhea. It should begin with a small amount to allow the body to get used to it.

Seaweed: they have a huge amount of minerals and trace elements and can help eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body thanks to fiber and substances such as alginic acid or glutamic acid. Only the equivalent of one tablespoon per day will be taken, because some seaweed contains exorbitant amounts of iodine.

Herbs and spices: they have all kinds of properties; Turmeric – especially when combined with freshly ground fresh pepper – is a potent antioxidant, matcha tea is antioxidant, reishi is energizing, aloe heals and helps regenerate intestinal walls, etc.

Fruits and seeds: contain, above all, large amounts of antioxidants and good quality fats. They are the camu-camu, the raw cacao, the açaí, the raspberries, the blackberries, the pomegranate, the goji berries, the blueberries, the coconut, the maca, the baobab or the seeds of flax, hemp, or xia.

Of beekeeping origin: pollen, royal jelly, propolis. They have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, improve the immune system and are energizing.

In conclusion: if we bet on quality brands and use common sense, they can be an excellent ally to improve health, but always within the context of a healthy global diet based on food.